Living Room
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- Convenient to use, press the button on the cover of the trash can to open, and press the cover to close.
- Easy for you to take out the trash or move the trash can.
- Widened non-slip bottom, stable and not easy to be knocked down.
- Durable, ABS shell and PP inner compartment.
- It is functional, and you can use it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, restroom, etc.

  • Anti-direct blowing, scalable, up and down,left and right multi-wind guide, does not affect the refrigeration.
  • The slot design, the air guide plate card in the air conditioning outlet, easy to install.
  • 54-70cm adjustable retractable design for different sizes of air conditioning.
  • Preferred high-end PP material, strong and durable
  • Simple line design, smooth surface, beautiful and generous
  • Vertical design, clamping installation, nail-free and drill-free, ready to use, clothes, books will be orderly stored
  • It can be used for both purposes. Could divide space and be used for a storage rack, a wave pattern, a towel can be placed, etc.
  • Creative Portable Design
  • Premium Material
  • Space saving
  • Adjustable Height
  • Ergonomically Designed Carry Handle
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide Application