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Spider King Flat Back Jumping Sound Frog With Spinner Bait Lure Fishing Hook
Price RM8.00 RM9.50
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Brand Spider King
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  •  good quality skirt
  •  extra strong & sharp double hook
  • perform “fast and short” jump 

Unlike any other top-water lures that you’ve ever seen and tried before, this lure is not a popper, walk-a-dog nor buzzbait, this is totally a whole new breed of top-water lure.

Jumpers are commonly known as “Jump Frog” mainly in south-east-asia, they are used to fish snakeheads and its mimic a “jumping frog” on the water surface.

All MIMIX’ Jumper are specially designed and manufactured with great detailing and unique shapes.

MIMIX’ Jumper has always been produced with revolutionary design and produced unique “jump” action that you can almost use it beyond “Snakehead” fishing.

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