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Multi-Function Car Chair Cushion Kid Safety Seat
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Size (L x W x H) 34 cm x 8 cm x 30 cm
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  • Five-point safe belt harness system
  • Use high density and thick foam
  • Soft,breathable, environmental protection fabric make it more comfortable

Multi-Function Car Cushion


Material : Cotton & Cushion

Size : 61 x 32

Colour : Blue
​Suitable for child 12 months and above

For making sure and use it in a safe way, please read the instruction carefully and operate with the indication below


The Operation Indication :

1. Installing the car seat to the front passenger seat location, putting the left belt and right belt through the seat and seat back, letting them clasped each other.

2. Adjusting the belt into suitable length.

3. Opening the front abdominal button of car seat.

4. Putting the baby to the sitting cushion, the face should be toward ahead, and fastening the abdominal bottom.

5. Making sure the cushion surround baby must be faastened in case of the friction between baby and bottom.

6. Adjusting the shoulder belt so that baby can feel comfortable.


Product Character :

1. Multi-usage : It can be used when baby sitting along on car seat and can be a chair belt while baby having meal.

2. Using pure cotton and cushion shoulder belt design, it would not hurt the baby in long-term use.

3. Portable type design avoids the occupation of car space. With the softness material and convenient installation way offers baby the best comfortable in a sense.

4. This product is easy to install and remove, easy to store without big occupation when you don't use it - save time, energy and space.


Tips :

1. Making sure all of the adjuster is complete and safe before using it.

2. Safety protection belt must be adjusted base on the shape, size of baby so that make sure safety and comfortable for baby.

3. Do not use this product when baby spine not full develop.

4. The driver must be very carefully when using this product on baby. Do not halt and speeding.

5. After lactation should not use this product in 30 minutes.

6. Taking rest in each 2 hours in the trip avoids people and baby tired.

7. To be safety, do not open the suture or cut off them.

8. Do not use it if there is broken, the buckles out of shape or any damages.

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